Change in eating habits = healthy mind and body!


HI all!

I wanted to share a quick post about my diet recently. For a long while in years past, I had been pretty strict and limiting with my diet. I would avoid breads, rice, etc., eat smaller portions especially to try and eat throughout the day and such. For a few months however, I've been allowin myself to enjoy some slack in my diet. I eat bigger meals if I feel like it, even if it means eating fewer meals througout the day. I've been eating a lot more sweet stuff (mostly naturally sweetened, particularly lots of honey!) And some chocolate almost every day is given. This is not to say I eat anything-my foods are still wholesome and minimally or unprocessed (the most processed I have is some cold cereal with less than say 10 ingredients that are not hard to pronounce and still with minimal sugar or a food with a preservative which I don't usually eat but sometimes is unadvoidable in some spices, pickles, or last night''s pizza...) I have been happier recently though (of course with some bad days but everyone has them!) I would also try to avoid animal protein and, while I support plant based diets and still try to focus less on meat, i think including a bit of it in my diet instead of avoiding it at all costs has been helpful as well! I have noticed cosiderable muscle gain even though my weight is basically unchanged (though I'd like some extra weight actually). I notice improved fitness in my workouts. My mind and body I feel are responding well.

Note: I have been on a gluten free diet as a trial due to health issues and don't know if that is related. But I still believe that being more lenient with foods so long as they are still mostly wholesome does a great thing to mind and body! For example, I had almost a month of eating pancakes almost every day but they were wholesome (squash, unrefined flours, but with generous toppings like yogurt,almond butter,fruit) or a big portion of honey.

Sorry for ranting-long story short, I believe a flexible mind (and stomach) are important for health and for being psychologically sane. So don't be hard on yourself, just focus on whole foods! Be kind to yourself 😊😊