Amazing HIIT-core combo + colorful dinner


The amount I was annoyed by yesterday's 8x tabata, today K&D made me much much more happier than that with this wonderfully blended HIIT-core routine. I was quite sore from two days ago lower body strength training, so was skeptical about today to go on with full impact versions. To my surprise, these two magicians literally didn't let me go overboard with sore muscles and still I did almost all of them in high impact! Love you K&D! ❤️

After that beautiful burn, I needed a solid dinner. These days I crave more protein. Made this egg-spinach-quinoa combo, accompanied by yesterday's leftover veggies plus some fennel and cherry tomatoes. I LOVE the crunchy munch of fennel! Anyone else is a fan?!

#fbfitr2 #workoutcomplete #eatrealfood

P.S. Someday I will learn the high impact version of thigh slap and kick through! 🤞🏽💪🏽