1 Year Before & After

I've been using fitness blender for 1 year and so much has changed. I love working out with Kelly and Daniel, their style is so supportive and motivating. The way the offer suggestions for altering the moves and support taking breaks is great especially when you are starting. I've tried other workout systems before and was always frustrating when starting. But I found fitness blender easy to keep up with. At first I was just picking my own workouts, but then I started buying programs. I have done FB Sweat and FB Burn and will be doing FB Strong next. My advice to anyone just starting out is to buy a program once as soon as you get used to the structure of their workouts. If you find the program difficult the first time through alter the moves and take breaks then do the program again and see how much more you can do!

I am so happy with how much my health and fitness have improved over this last year. I have lost 48 lbs, and lots of inches (I didn't measure myself at the start but in the last 8 months I've lost 2in off my arms, 9 inches off my chest, 10 inches off my waist, 6 off my hip, 3 off my thighs and 2 off my calves.). Even more meaningful to me though is the improvement in my cardiovascular health. I have played ultimate and soccer almost all my life and and my play has improved 1000 fold since losing the weight. I have also started running, recently completing the Zombie couch to 5K program and my first registered 5K run!!

Whether your just starting out on your fitness journey or a regular workout junkie fitness blender will work for you. Keep lifting and stay healthy everyone!