Almost 5 months

Hey guys! This is my 3rd update since I started FB programs last March. I used FB Burn for the first month and FB strong for the following months (I ended up loving this program too much!!)

I have not been using the calendar much anymore since I've finally set up a routine for myself. I download the videos (via youtube app offline) or save the printable lists of workouts then adjust the workouts to my liking.

For reference, I prioritize lower body (especially the booty), then upper body, and finally abs. I do 2-3 days lower body, 1-2 days upper body, then I just sneak in isolation exercises for abs somewhere in between the workouts.

FB strong has been very useful because the equipment at the gym I go to are always occupied. Since the workouts only require dumbbells, I had no problems completing my workouts. :) I've also added resistance bands for the booty - definitely firmed up my butt but too embarrassed to post that here! Haha!

I take progress pictures every month because the scale refuses to move. The pictures below are both around the same weight of 65-68kgs but with a difference of approximately 3 inches off my waist and a few inches from my thighs too. It still baffles me to this day why people focus so much on their weight on the scale. Major CON: every pair of pants I buy and love end up becoming too loose on me in a few weeks! :(

Note that I do flexible eating (with macros counting but very lenient) and intermittent fasting (not very strict either).

This is probably the fittest I have been in my life. I was an obese kid in high school (90+ kgs) and despite losing a considerable amount of weight in college, I got stuck in the overweight spectrum (75-78kgs at 5 ft 2 in) these couple of years which frustrated me. I did try lots of things from magic pills to zero carbs to meatless diet to HIIT cardio workouts 5-6 days a week and all results (if any) were short-lived. I wanted to figure out the key to long-term success. There must be something I'm missing!

Years later and I (believe) finally figured it out. It's all about YOUR perspective and preference. If you have 5 people telling you to start swimming and stop eating carbs to lose weight, what happens if you can't swim and carb-enriched foods are more affordable in your area? Your tendency is to give up because "I can't swim" and "I can't eat healthy because I'm on a budget". We have to understand that health and fitness is not a one-size fits all format. We all have different circumstances and preferences (i.e. not a lot of people have access to swimming pools on a daily basis nor does everyone can avoid carbs altogether).

I have learned through all these years of trying to lose weight what I want and which works best for my self and my body. It was more of a trial and error system. My whole life I've been told that cardio and starving yourself are the ONLY ways to lose weight. Lifting weights will make you look like a man or make you bigger and fatter. Now that I'm at my smallest, people refuse to believe that I lift weights. It seems we all have this permanent notion of "what only works" and even when the answer is in front of us, we refuse to believe it.

My conclusion - fitness should be an independent journey. Yes you can hire a physical trainer but once he/she stops monitoring you, you're on your own. You don't need anyone for inspiration, do it for yourself like how you get up every morning for work/school/kids etc. Stop listening to people who tell you what do to do when they're obviously not improving their health or fitness. Do your own research and take lessons from people deemed credible in the fitness industry. You will make mistakes and you have to find ways to figure that out.

I am far from my fitness goal but I know I have come a long way and I'm happy with where I am. Self-improvement will always be my priority and it's what keeps me going. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day. :)