Update, Cheat Day (Again), and Question


Fellow Blenders!

Well, as you might have seen from social media posts today, the "flash sale" on a few Workout Programs is scheduled for this coming Monday - July 23. We've received TONS of responses/votes, so hopefully we'll have something for everyone.

Mark you calendars!

Now, onto more important things - an update on my own fitness journey with FB Low Impact - and a confession.

Sooo, I was kind of a bad boy over the weekend (again). My wonderful wife actually had a day off over the weekend, so we indulged a bit (okay, more than a bit).

We did one thing that she'd never done before (tubing), combined with something she hasn't done since we moved to the States (eating Texas BBQ) - and both activities included something we try to limit (drinking beer).

Really, it couldn't be helped, but still...

We've been in the States for 9 months now and I hadn't taken her to do either of these things. Shame on me! What kind of husband deprives his wife of these things?

Anyway, when we got home neither of us had the energy to work out...so I missed another day, even though I rallied today - and even did the extra credit.

Was it worth it? Of course, it was. Might have to change my nickname to "cheat day" soon.