If you can't afford a fitness watch, try this!


I recently got myself a fitbit watch, because I realised that counting steps shows a lot about my overall activity during the day. It really does nothing if I workout 30 minutes a day and the rest of the time I am sedentary. The first week I was behaving like my normal self, to see where I am standing and I realised that I was making maybe 5000 steps a day (I still have days like those, don't think I do my 12k goal every day lol), but I started to be more aware and move my butt a bit more, outside, around the neighbourhood or in a park, ever since.

So, I decided to count my steps. Before I had the fitbit, I was using the Samsung Health app, that has a pedometer and counts steps pretty accurate, the problem was that I wasn't really able to carry it around the house or keep it in my hand all the time.

So, the bright sollution came with this "money belt", or "phone belt". I have been having it for a few months because I purchased it to carry my phone during my jogging outside. And I stumbled across one day and I realised I can wear it all the time, so I can have my phone tracking steps more accurately.

So, I wanted to reccomend it for those who can't afford a fitness band, or a fitness watch for now, but they still want to track their overall activity. It's very cheap ( a few dollars) and you have your phone permanently with you, even if you are doing activity around the house or outside and you need both hands (cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc)

I, personally reccomend the Samsung health app, but I am aware that only samsung users have access to it. But I am pretty sure that there are many apps, suitable for all phone brands that can count steps as effectively.

Hope it helps!