Trust the Process


Hi Blenders! My #WorkoutCompleteForK&D today is not a video or program completed; neither is it a before and after picture (although those are cool) or a non-scale victory (love those, too!)

It's about having the patience, perseverance, and focus to trust the process.

This really hit home with me this past week when I received not such great news in the form of lab work. I was called back for more tests -- but not after jumping down the black hole of so-called internet "research." This, even though my very experienced and knowledgeable doctor tried to reassure me that I there could be a number of reasons for the results. HA!

And so I continued to obsess over the possible outcomes. According to some articles, I am likely DEAD already -- even though I feel better than I have in many years.

I think it is the same with fitness... the advice we get from so many sources is staggering, confusing, and does not enhance our lives or fulfill our individual needs. Kelli and Daniel know what they are doing. I have watched their shopping haul video at least 3 times or maybe more. I am almost done with the Strong program, have cut back on tedious treadmill workouts, and try to include simple functional activities each day. That's it!

I am learning to trust the process and trust my body.

Here is the shopping haul video if you are interested.

I apologize for the long post. Have a super day everyone!