Daily Check-in: Thursday, July 12th


Hello Blenders!

How's it going today? Are you feelin sore from yesterday's workouts? Or maybe energized from a rest day?

So today's a "rest day" for me. But I got enough stuff to do that it won't be very restful! lol

What about you Blenders? Is it a workout day, or rest day for you?

So I gotta share yesterday's "Workout-Related Husband-ism" with you all. My husband was in the other room doing an upper body workout with Kelli. It must've been during the cool down when I heard:

"Come on now, Kelli. Downward Dog?...I'm more like a Downward Log."


I'm just glad he's bein lippy with someone other than me for once haha (sorry Kelli and Daniel).

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave me some good recipes for ground turkey and zucchini yesterday! I'm gonna have to try them all at some point (they all looked so good)! So thank you!

So for today we're gonna have salmon, orzo, and some kind of mixed veggies. So excited for dinner (and I haven't even had breakfast yet! lol).

What about you Blenders? What's on the menu for today?

I realize I mostly talk about dinner, when I know there are other meals during the day lol. But I keep breakfast pretty much the same, and lunch is just kind of whatever (either leftovers or something like a sandwich, eggs and greens, or an apple and peanut butter). And for breakfast I almost always have either a blueberry-banana-almond smoothie or oatmeal (along with coffee of course). What about you guys? Do you keep your morning/lunch routine kind of the same?

Except for Dottie, who I know already has a variety of meals planned out!😉 Seriously, you are the master of meal prep! I love hearing about your meals, and I really admire your prepping ability, Dottie!

Well Blenders, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and thanks for checking in!