Cold Muscles~


Hey there Blender family~!

I finished day 1 of low impact. Yay! After almost 2 months of not working out much at all, except the occasional stretching and walk, my muscles are really feeling it. I plan to do day 2 today~

I have a question about cold muscles. It’s different from what it sounds like. Since I haven’t been working out, my muscles are a different type of sore. It’s like they’re in pain, but feel cold..on the inside, and wrapping the area in a blanket or rubbing it to get rid of the “cold” feeling doesn’t work. I figured it was a different type of muscle soreness, maybe spasms? But there’s no movement..anyway, just curious if anybody else knows what I’m talking about. I don’t really know how else to describe it other than the muscle is sore and feels cold on the inside..LOL 😂

By the way, I’m now 15 weeks and counting~ ❤️