Healthy Life Challenge - Meditation Week Day 5


The meditation for today is a mantra meditation.

A mantra is either a word, a phrase, or a sound that carries a significant resonance, but no literal meaning as part of a language. For this exercise you can choose your own mantra, maybe by experimenting with different ideas until you find one you like.

If you choose a word or phrase, pick something you want to say and hear many times over! If it's an abstract sound, find one that seems meaningful and positive. You could try a traditional Sanskrit mantra such as 'om' or 'so ham' if you aren't sure what sort of sound to use.

To do the meditation, repeat your mantra continuously, giving it your full attention. Traditionally, you would begin by saying the mantra out loud, and advance through the stages of whispering it, thinking it in your head, and then hearing it in your head. The idea behind this is that the more physical the recitation, the easier it is to focus upon, so try beginning out loud.

Experiment with saying or thinking the mantra at different tempos and volumes until you find a rhythm that seems easy and sustainable. You can vary it according to your mood, eg saying it slowly to calm yourself, or rapidly to gain energy.

The purpose of mantra meditation is to focus one's thoughts on a single element - sound. It's a way of clearing the mind and gaining the capacity to concentrate deeply while letting go of anxiety and judgement. As usual, if your mind wanders, just notice the fact and resume your mantra recitation.

You can do this practice for a set period of time, using a timer, or a certain number of rounds, or just until you feel it's time to stop. Please share your experiences below!