Happy with my portion size

This is my hearty brunch that I had today at around noon (900 g/2 lbs bag of frozen veggies + feta cheese + dry-roasted cashews = about 700 cal). I was really hungry so I just finished it all at once. That’s all I’ve eaten today so far. It’s now almost 19 PM and I’m going to have something shortly, but a bit less this time (I guess my guts are still working on the brunch:)

I used to have a problem with not being able to stop eating. Once I had eaten one, I wanted a second one. Once I had eaten a meal, I wanted something more. Once I had opened a package, I wanted to finish it. Whatever I did, I was never content (always either hungry or feeling like shit). I’m so happy I finally realized I can eat a LOT at once and feel amazing without thinking about food all the time:). Losing weight is so much easier than I used to think.