Favorite workouts thread!

Hi blenders!

So I've been thinking. So many times I was scrolling through fb videos, trying to find a video that I really like (I have some saved, but I like to change it up).

And then I thought, there must be so many reccomandations (whoops sorry if I messed up this one, not an english speaker)

So I think that if everyone will comment on this post with their favorite workouts (could be a favorite for each body focus, or just general favorites), we will have tons of videos the people really like and we may not have tried!

I'll start with mine.

-this lower body strength workout is a total killer and I keep coming back to it (the pilates really finishes it off)


-HIIT and abs to really kill you (I always feel like I have a six pack after this one)


-kickboxing that left me with very sore upper body and core, but it went by so fast!


I hope everyone will share their favorite and that each one could find new ones!