FB 30 complete with PROGRESS PICS and PFT results

Today marks the end of my FB30 program. I have included progress pictures. The first pictures in January is when I started using fitness blender. I also started the fb30 program at that time. I made it through about 6 weeks of it and then never got around to finishing the last 2 weeks. Did workouts on fitnessblender off and on until May when I started the FB30 program over again. The before and after pictures from May until now is my progress after completing the program.

I also have PFT test results. I took the fitness test in January which are the first set of results and never took it again in May when starting the program. However I took it again today and these are the results:

Full pushups: 0 Half pushups: 9

Full pushups: 1 Half Pushups: 18

Squats: 30

Squats: 105

Static plank: 55 seconds

Static plank: 1 minutes 5 seconds

Sit and reach: -11 5/8ths inches

Sit and reach: -5.5 inches

Mile run: 9 minutes 30 seconds

Mile Run: N/A (My treadmill is broken now!! Also I hate the treadmill now compared to fitness blender, so it's not much of a loss!)

Overall I am very pleased with both my progress pictures and my PFT results! I feel stronger, fitter, and more confident all around! I cannot wait to see how fitness blender and my dedication continues shaping my body. I will be starting FBstrong on Monday!!