The magic of Kelli and Daniel


Hi all!

Today I got confused about my calendar :D … Got in my gear, prepared the room, woke up my internal weightlifting beast, opened the calendar and saw that it wasn’t a lower body strength scheduled for today, which I love, but a 50 minute cardio/HIIT and abs!! My determination dropped immediately because of the surprise - ‘Nooooo, I don’t wannnaaaaaa, I caaaan’t, I’m too tired for this today’. Then I stopped whining and thought ok let’s just get this over with even if it means modify EVERYTHING to low intensity. So I started with zero enthusiasm and just a little bit relieved by forgiving myself in advance for slacking.

And that’s when K&D’s magic comes into play. First, the mere fact that they are both in the video. I love their interaction and in this one they are particularly cheerful and talkative and teasing each other, it’s so funny and uplifting! Secondly, as much as their charming down to earth attitude makes you think ‘look, they are struggling just like me’, let’s not forget about their expertise in putting these workouts together! I don’t know how they do it, but I feel like the structure is so perfectly balanced to keep you going and give your best, to kill you but gently :) Needless to say, I did it! All of it and without slacking, woohooo! It left me in puddles of sweat but also brought me back to that happy beast mode. I wish there was a way to range our favorites, this one would go straight to the top!

So… besides feeling proud of myself so much that I want to shout it to whoever hears, I also wanted to come here and say to those who are like me and often struggle with ‘feeling tired’ right before the workout… yes, always listen to your body during the workout, but don’t mistake it for your mind playing tricks on your willpower before the workout. Somethimes just plunge into it and see how you really feel, you might surprise yourself! And with D&K’s wonderful guidance, all the odds are in your favor :)

Sorry for the long post, I wish you all your own successful workoutcomplete today!