Progress so far..

Not an actual before or after as still working on it.

6 weeks after starting Fitness Blender, I tried on these pants as I was hoping to wear them this summer. I couldn’t wear them last summer. On May 5 they were skin tight on my legs and uncomfortable at the waist. I was disappointed as had been working out for 6 weeks. Progress wasn’t quick enough and I posted here kinda bummed out. You all were encouraging and told me to stick with it. July 5 picture, I’m wearing the pants. They’re no longer skin tight, and I can bend over without splitting the seams. I’ve actually gone hiking in them. I also think I’m at a heavier scale weight than when they last fit me 2 years ago.

I still have fluff on my thighs and butt, as that’s where I carry my weight (May 5 pic looks like I’m wearing jodhpurs- nope that’s all me). In the July 5 side pic, I may see a little booty shaping rather than the big pancake butt I’ve always had.

Anyways, keeping at it. I’m eager to see what my body can be when it’s healthy and strong.