FitnessBlender Moms


Hi! Before I had a baby, I worked out 30 minutes every morning Monday -Thrusday, then 45 minutes on Friday morning, then sometimes a more streneous HITT 45-60 minutes on Saturday and Sunday off or long walk with the dogs.

After baby, if I get 3 30 minute workouts a week in, I call it a win! I regained all my strength plus more, but not so good at the HIIT still (and baby is over a year old). But, my life has changed and this is what it is. That's the time I find to workout and put myself first for a whole one hour and a half a week. If I could get my eating down some (I nursed and got used to eating every 2 hours! When I stopped pumping at work, I gained 15 pounds back, I swear overnight!).

How's my other FitnessBlender moms doing? Are you happy if you're able to fit in anything? I can usually stay positive, but sometimes get upset I don't get my workouts in like I used to. Or worse, sometimes I feel like I took away from being a mom. Thankfully the husband is supportive of my continuous working out, though he knows I tempered it down a lot.