Nurses Can Do It Too!! Before & After 4 Weeks FB Abs Round 2

I work nights as an oncology nurse and don't have a lot of time for anything, but I'm glad I decided to pick #FBabs again. I dropped the ball and fell off the wagon a year ago for so and gained back the weight that I had lost the first time I used FB abs part 1. I made a commitment to myself to spend roughly 30-45 mins every morning on the weekdays. Four weeks #WorkoutComplete using FB abs part 2 with Kelli and Daniel and even though the scale only says I lost 3lbs, the before and after pics speak for themselves!! I loved this program but wanted to see what else K&D have in store so I just purchased FB Burn round 2 for my next 4 weeks of workouts and am looking forward to getting my workout completes!! Keep it going!!