Glad I Took Pictures

Age 26 - 5'6" - 145lbs

This is after about 1.5 rounds of FB Strong. I had to stop and start again after a procedure (yay microblading!). I'm now about 50% done with FB Booty. During FB Strong, I did not change my eating habits and did not count calories. I'm now doing 16/8 intermittent fasting, which works really well for me as I have a tendency to binge eat otherwise. But I still eat as much as I want during that window. I'd guess I'm around 1500-2500 calories per day but I can't say for certain. I haven't really lost or gained any weight during this whole process. Just normal fluctuations.

I never post anything like this, but I went to take a picture this morning and was pretty shocked by the comparison. I feel great but didn't think I'd made much progress. I know I personally find before/after photos very motivating, and struggle to find pictures that are similar to my body type. So I hope this is helpful for someone!

I should also mention that I was pretty physically active before starting FitnessBlender in April. I was doing barre 2-3 times per week and running 2-3 times per week as well. I felt good but didn't see the results I wanted without starving myself. Strength training has been a game changer for me. I love Barre but hate cardio with a passion, and being able to quit running has made me a much happier person. Also, as you can see, it wasn't really working that well anyway! I now look forward to working out, and genuinely dislike rest days even though I take them out of necessity. Strength training (and Fitness Blender) has enabled me to (mostly) overcome disordered thinking and eating habits for the first time in my life. I weigh myself out of curiosity, but 9 out of 10 times I feel nothing when the number changes. In the past, waking up heavier would have ruined my mood for the day, Neck pain that used to plague me for weeks at a time, resulting in headaches and eventually migraines, is virtually gone. My anxiety is also at an an all time low. With the exception of Barre, I've always struggled to stick to workouts, especially at home. It's hard to explain but this has just been different. I'm pretty sure I'll be on Fitness Blender for life now =)