I started from 128lbs and am now 111-115 lbs, i'm stuck at being 115 lbs because I've lost motivation, also I'm going back to my home country in February. Malaysia (where I grew up) is REALLY hot and i'll be visiting a lot of islands and whatnot so yeah. Any tips for workouts/4 week plans? I have a home gym at home and I haven't touched it for like a year :( (Also, my mom won't let me purchase anything because I've already wasted so much on college tuition and stuff like that. So I depended on FB's youtube). FB if you read this can you post another Free 5 Day Workout Challenge playlist??

I also hate that my belly is flat when I don't eat but when I do it grows, so annoying. Also, I'm really insecure about my face mainly because of my double chin, I was wondering if FB has any exercises for that lol probably not though. I think I have to live with that which sucks.