A new week; planning for FB, goals, catch up


‪Good morning FBFamily! Get in the mindset right now that you’re going to have a great week. Whatever you pour your energies into in life, you’ll have more to give if you take care of your own body & well-being first. It’s not selfish to make your health a priority.

We’re excited for this week because we’ve got some big meetings with our oh-so-valuable FB Team - one of the first times we will all be in the same place, since we typically work remotely. Very excited about this. We’re going to be talking about the future of FB, what else we can do with/for you guys, development plans for the website, Workout Complete (which is still a mystery at this point - don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything and the second I can, I’m spilling the beans 😉) etc, etc. Should be a big week for us and with hard work & patience, the good stuff & new features we talk about will reach you guys too. We always aim for the biggest win win for everyone involved 🤗

On a more personal note, I’m aiming to get in a few easy-on-the-body workouts and keep my nutrition optimal so that I can get through a busy week & feel great by the time Friday rolls around. What about you guys? Any challenges you’re tackling and/or micro-goals you’d like to hit this week?

Don’t forget to break a sweat today! Here’s a great HIIT workout if you’re looking for ideas 😁 https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/fat-burning-hiit-cardio-workout‬