Daily Check-in: Monday, June 25th


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Blenders!

How are you all doing today?

Today is Day 4 of Strong for me, so I'll be doing this lower body workout:


I'm feeling yesterday's abs workout. It was great to have a core specific workout, about 30 minutes in length, that used weights! It was this one:


I used a heavier weight that I usually would, and it was definitely challenging. I would love to see more abs workouts with weights (hint hint K & D 😉 lol jk)!

What do you all have planned for today? Working out or resting?

Here's sort of a weird question for you (but having kind of sore ab muscles made me think of it): what muscle group to enjoy working out the most? I mean, when you get sore from a workout, what muscle-group-soreness makes you feel like "Yeah, I've really accomplished something"? I know that sounds kind of weird, but for me, when my upper back muscles feel a touch sore from a workout, that's like a "Gold Star" for me. I enjoy working my back muscles specifically, and so feeling them after a workout makes me feel like I'm improving (if that makes sense). Is it the same for you guys? Or is there just a specific muscle group that you enjoy working more than others? (I also want to add that I DO NOT enjoy sore ab muscles. Definitely not my favorite thing lol)

Well Blenders, I hope you all have a great day and thanks for checking in!