12 Weeks and Counting~


So...I went to the doctor again this past Saturday. I’m 12 weeks now, so by the end of this week, I’ll offically be finished with the first trimester. Yay! 👏🎉 All my vitals were normal and the baby is fine. Thank you to everyone who asked questions and were wondering where I was. Since I haven’t really been working out, coming on to the FB website sorta made me depressed. At the same time, everyone is Korea is like walking on eggshells around me..like I’m some sort of ticking time bomb...as if my baby were actually only surrounded by an eggshell and not the super strong amniotic sac. They all tell me to be super careful, so I have been...just walking. However, I thought the doctor said that by 12 weeks I would be able to exercise. I must have misunderstood, bc he told me on Saturday, that I shouldn’t exercise until 20 weeks...😩 so I’ve decided, I’m going to be a bit rebellious. From all the articles I’ve read online, I should be fine to do low impact and stretching. Plus I plan to walk everyday. I did the past two days, about 50 mins each. Since the doctor said everything is fine and I’m doing great, got my energy back, and the baby is okay, I will do the low impact program with modifications, and of course, I will listen to my body and only do things that feel okay. What do you guys think? Sounds like a good plan, right?

Oh..on a side note, for everyone worried about the scale, my abdomen area and belly have slowly been increasing in size...when I’m bloated, I already look 6 months pregnant! 😂 I’ve been eating more too, but since I got pregnant, I haven’t gained a single kilogram. It fluctuates from day to day, but it’s relatively the same. The only thing I can account for is that the muscles I had have slowly changed from muscle to fat...not very encouraging for me, but I thought those of you always checking your weight on the scale should know. The scale doesn’t always tell you how your body is changing.