Where's the Blender?


Hey Blenders!

I got up this morning and was looking at the Community posts from yesterday night and today. I'm so proud of the amazing Fitness Blender family that Daniel and Kelli have built (being totally, totally objective, of course).

Anyway, one of my absolute favorite parts of the community is how diverse it is, particularly in terms of where people are from (or where you all work out). Nearly every country in the world is represented, which is simply amazing.

So, with that in mind (and I know that this has been done before), I thought I'd ask you all to post a pic of where you're from (or where you work out)...or just a note, if you don't have a pic.

"Extra credit" to anyone who can identify where this picture of me proudly advertising Fitness Blender was taken. Good luck...it's gonna be a bit hard. Hint: not where I live now. :)

Happy Sunday, everyone!