Daily Check-in: Saturday, June 23rd


Happy Saturday (or Sunday) Blenders!

How are you all doing this weekend? Are you working out or resting? Or maybe taking part in some fun outdoor activities?

Do any of you guys partake in sports during the summer (or anytime really)? If so, what activities do you do? Perhaps water sports? Hiking? Running? Soccer/tennis/beach volleyball, etc.?

I'm really wanting to try running again. I tried it the other day with PFT and it felt great; but I know that my knees don't particularly like it. So it would have to be only a couple times a week at most.

So yesterday I got my first day of Strong done (whoo hoo)! And today is upper body with Daniel:


I love this one! Sometimes I change the moves a little bit. So instead of doing chest flies and reverse flies; I will do chest presses and bent over rows. And I will change the lateral raises to shoulder presses too (I keep the pullovers, bicep curls, and tricep extensions the same). Then during the burnout round I will still do pushups, but then change the bent over row to reverse flies, and overhead presses to lateral raises (once again keeping the pullovers, tricep dips, and hammer curls the same).

It ends up basically being the same workout, just some of the moves are swapped out from the burnout round. I enjoy both variations of this workout. I hope K & D will make another one similar to this one soon! (Maybe with a kickboxing section in it too!)

Well Blenders, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and thanks for checking in!