A little progress (and a little frustration)


Hello all! Today I did something that made me really proud of myself, and although it may not seem like anything to the average person, it was a lot to me! I'm working through FB Strong at the moment (just finished week 2 earlier today!) and normally along with the workout that's automatically scheduled I will add my own extra credit--a short 10 minute HIIT/Cardio workout or an extra burnout round for whatever part of my body I just worked--and then I will also go for a walk afterwards. I know it's a lot for my body to handle, especially since I have an active job that I've been getting more hours at recently, but I do try to get in 7,000-10,000 steps a day (excluding my workout since I use my phone as a tracker and don't have my phone on me during those) and normally without my walk I'm not anywhere near that. Sometimes I really want to go on a walk, and other days, like today, I just don't. So, I simply didn't. Part of my brain wants me to beat myself up for it, but the other part knows that I'm tired and don't need to force myself to do extra work if I don't want to. So I took the time that I would've spent going on a walk and cleaned up the house instead (I'm sure my mom will be happy with my choice!), which actually made me feel really calm and relaxed. I also plan to try to decrease my time spent working out next week (maybe cutting out a few of the extra credits) as I do feel a bit overworked at the moment.

As far as calorie counting goes, I've been struggling a bit. I haven't used cronometer recently at all, but I've been writing down what I eat and roughly estimating the calories on the notes app on my phone--definitely a step in the right direction, but I know I should be doing better. My biggest issue is that I'm still losing weight (about five pounds in the last month or so) and I know it's because I'm not eating enough. I'm averaging about 1,500-1,600 calories a day which is only about one hundred or so above my BMR and I really want to start eating more, but I just don't know how to approach doing so. I normally have a snack of some fruit (a banana or some melon on most days) before my morning workout, then my first meal at around 12, snacks in between that and dinner, and then normally a snack or two after dinner. I really struggle with eating after dinner as sometimes I'm still a bit hungry but I genuinely just can't figure out what I want. I also don't want to jump up to eating a ton more each day all at once, so I'm not sure if increasing by a snack or two (trying not to think in terms of a caloric number here) a day for a week or so and then a little more the next week would be beneficial? I oftentimes feel really weak and tired throughout the day so I definitely need to make eating more a priority, but it's been difficult to figure out the "right way" to go about doing it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

I'm very aware that I'm probably doing a bit too much activity at the moment and I'm slowly trying to lessen my guilt about taking a rest day or two a week. I'm also trying not to compare myself to other people's workout schedules and daily food intake as I know that everybody is different and what works for them probably won't work for me. I've always been someone who struggles with the constant thought of not doing and/or being enough, so I think taking a step back and realizing that eating healthy and just being active most days is what's really important would be beneficial at this moment.

I hope all of you fellow Blender's have had a great day!