Not done yet, but seeing results!

I’ve been working out with Fitness Blender for three months now. I completed FB Low Impact and FB Sweat, and I am now just finishing week 3 of FB Fit Round 2 (which I LOvE!). So far, I’ve lost 10 pounds, 3.5 inches on my waist, and I am starting to notice toned muscles in places where only flab existed before. This is so wonderful to see some payoff for all of my hard work. It has taken a long time to shed the 10 pounds, I suspect lots of muscle converting to fat prevented me from seeing results on the scale. I do notice that I’ve trimmed down quite a bit though. I feel so good about my dedication over the past three months, I can’t wait to see my results when I finish FB Fit Round 2 at the end of summer!!