Thank you FB family - some news 2


Thank you again for your support. I think the fact that you all kept me accountable helped me to keep the binges at bay - it's now been a little bit over two weeks, my longest success since my ED relapse earlier this year. Yesterday, I played an sang in a concert (it was the Fête de la Musique here in France), and this should have been a huge trigger, and yet nothing happened.

I'm planning on celebrating tomorrow with a beer and a bit of pizza :)

Since there is no point in regretting what I've done this year, I've decided to be brave and take "progress pics". I really should have started sooner because I can definitely tell I've lost some fat already, but hey, better late than never. The last one on the right is just a way of showing how easy it is to have a perfect Instagram account and make insecure people (me ^^) cry. It's one thing knowing the magic of posing and good lighting is real, but it's another to experience it for yourself.

Anyway, this way you can see what really bugs me about my legs. It's almost as if all the muscle I've gained in my hamstrings and glutes had compressed the skin in between, creating a THIGH ROLL (haha who am I kidding, I think it's just fat). Seriously, the back of my thighs never looked like this O.o

And I'm still offering a piece of quads to anyone willing to buy.

(As for the cellulite, it doesn't show that much on the pictures, and that was the worst lighting I could find. Maybe it's just in my head.)

I'm considering switching to FB Bodyweight after I finish Burn 2 (I'm onto the last week), to see if my quads calm down a bit ^^ Have some of you tried it and lost fat even without using weights ?

To end this rant, I must say I really owe Fitness Blender a lot. During those 8-9 months of bulimia relapse, the programs kept me "fit" (maybe not aesthetically, but health wise) and I can't even imagine the damage I would have done to my body without them, so thank you Daniel and Kelli. It's not the "FB transformed my life" post I was hoping to type yet, but I'm sure there will be one soon :)