The Struggle is Real...

Riffing off of another recent string that delved into the issue of portion is a recent “struggle” I had. What to do, Blenders?

Since I’m severely culinarily challenged, my wife (a chef!) makes me lunch pretty much every day before she goes to work - to cook for other people. I was on a work call when she left one day earlier this week, so she wrote me this “instructional” note: “Curry is ready. Warm up only amount you are going to eat and the rest put in a container in the fridge. Garnishes for curry are in the fridge in a small square container.”

The “p.s.” and “p.p.s” don’t relate to food, so you can read those at your discretion. Ha!

Oh, and p.s. to this post - as you can see, someone didn’t follow all of the instructions they were given (garnishes forgotten)...even though they were dumbed down about as much as humanly possible. I may also have had issues controlling my portion...but in my defense, she did leave a HUGE bowl of amazing (and super spicy) shrimp curry on the stove.


Come on now, wife!!!