Weight Loss Graph -> Body fluctuations

Hey guys, i post this graph because i was just reading a post here with someone complaining on gaining 2lbs on her weight check after ~1.5 months of working out.

As you can see there were times where i weighted almost 2kg higher from one day to another.

If i didn't weight myself every day and just randomly happened to weight in the times were i blue-circled, it would appear that i had 0 loss in 1.5months.

So guys especially if you actually see your body changing, just don't mind the scale!!!

1 day of bad eating + period, can have a huuuuuge impact on the number. And it doesn't even have to be bad eating, maybe it so happened that you ate something more salty than previous days.

And since i shared this graph... I'm still jungling between 61.8-62.8kg so there wasn't any progress the last few months.

I've been struggling to keep trying to lose some more but i can't seem to stick to it.

On the positive side, first time in my life i maintain in this weight for more than 1 month.

Since June-1 i've stopped exercising regularly, but i don't lose hope! I've changed a lot of things to the better, and i'm glad for it. Hopefully i will be ready soon for another push towards my goal.

Cheers all