Bench update!


Well I've made it this far. Of course, I paid $484 and still managed to get one with a factory defect. One of the holes for the bolt in the front support (the horseshoe looking deal) was milled far too low in comparison to the hole through the foot of the bench.

I got one bolt through the properly milled hole and tightened it down good. The rear footer was just fine, and is held firmly by both bolts. I'll have to get a smaller one and a proper washer/nut combo but it'll be just fine for the time being. It's just what the frame sits on, it isn't a load bearing piece. That's the frame itself. Got the adjustable front seat on followed by the backrest piece, which requires lining up four sides of metal and hammering the bolt through because you aren't going to be able to push it through with your hands. The instructions literally call for a rubber mallet so don't worry.

I stopped there because it was a pain in the rear and I was pretty sweaty at that point. It'll get finished up here maybe tomorrow. The next piece to attach is a piece that goes on the back of the backrest, which is what facilitates changing the angle. Flat, incline, or decline. After that I'll see, haven't read ahead in the instructions.