First workout after a short hiatus!


Since January, I've been pretty good about working out around 4-5x a week doing FB programs (FB30 3 and Burn 2) and some of my own planned workouts. However, since school ended (I'm a teacher) two weeks ago, my parents visited for a few days from out of town, and I started my very exhausting summer job, I've fallen off the wagon and haven't worked out at all. I also haven't been eating super great, and have generally felt either too busy, tired, or unmotivated to work out. My usual workout location was disrupted as well with family visiting.

Today I got home after work and was so tired I took a nap even though I had planned on working out. When I woke up I felt so bad and guilty that I almost talked myself out of doing the workout entirely, but then decided to just go for it no matter what time it was or how I felt. I just completed Day 1 of FB Burn 2 (HIIT and lower body strength) including the extra credit option! It was difficult, but I completed it without extra breaks and was still able to use my normal weight and do the harder versions for almost everything. Looking forward to getting into Day 2 tomorrow!