My Kryptonite


Summer is here where I live, which means a lot of hot days are up ahead. That is the part I don't mind I have a weird high tolerance for heat. My problem is that ice cream and fro-yo is my kryptonite. I do have the mindset that no food is off limits, but it is hard because I don't want to eat it as much as I used to eat it. That I'm sure contributed to me gaining weight. I know that there are healthy versions to make too on this website and that will help. Although probably not as good and not the flavors I want like mint and chip. I just didn't realize how hard it would be. I love fruit though so that helps too.

On a positive note a minor improvement. When I first start FB I couldn't do a backbend anymore. Now because I have developed some upper body strength I can pretty much do it completely. I just might need a teensy bit more to push myself up to perfect form.