Never to old to learn new tricks

I turned 58 about a month ago. This is not a story of weight loss but rather a story of muscle gain. Aside from walking, I wasn't doing much else to stay fit. I maintained my weight, with the usual fluctuations that occurred around seasons and festivities. But I never felt strong and as the candles on my yearly cake grew, I knew I had to do something to address that. Which is where FB came in. I started following a few videos 3 days a week. Thrilled with how I felt, but not necessarily seeing results, I decided to purchase Strong. I just finished my second run, and was pleasantly surprised the other day at the image I saw in the mirror. But even more important, everyday life has just become so much more manageable. It's not just the increased strength and muscle tone, but the mental and emotional boost has been what gets me back to my tiny workout room every day. I just want to thank Kelly and Daniel for what you do. You often mention putting music on to help get through the workout, but I find your huffing and puffing and banter so much more entertaining and inspiring. You're just like us!