Officially 20lbs down in 7 months

Some weeks I don’t be see the scale budge an ounce, but today the scale reflected 20lbs gone from my highest weight back in January. I couldn’t have done it without fitness blender. I still have a ways to go, another 10-15lbs or so, but I’m enjoying the journey! It’s not all about weight anyway, it’s about how I feel, and what my body can do. Another non scale victory was that last week I did Daniel and Kelli’s 5 day challenge to burn fat and build lean muscle. The last time I did it was in February. I remember being incredibly sore after each workout and struggling so hard to finish each day even with the modified moves. This past week was hard, but I was doing all the advanced moves and I had so much fun doing it! It was so much easier this time! I see where I have built endurance and strength and that’s better than what the scale says for sure.