Help! Need some direction and advice


a year and a half ago I was down 25 pounds and almost 2 pants sizes thanks to FB and a healthy diet. It was my hope to continue in my weight loss journey and I continued to workout with FB as well as eat a healthy diet. I hit a plateau for a few months and tried various things to jump start my body - carb cycling, gluten free, dairy free, strict food intake. I tried it all. I continued to use FB during this time. After 3 months my weight slowly began to climb. I have now gained back 15+ pounds and my clothes are tight again. I have faithfully continued with FB and eaten healthy well rounded meals. I eat about 1600 -1800 calories a day. 30 minute FB workout 5 days a week and a 2 mile walk 2 times a week. Obviously I am feeling discouraged and seeking out advice from friends. One friend says I should talk to someone (trainer, naturopath, dr.) and see what they say. Another friend suggested I try working out longer - trying 45-60 minute FB workouts to see if I see a change? A third friend suggested eating more calories?

I really need some direction is all. I don't really know what to do to see the changes I long for. Any thoughts y'all have would be much appreciated. Thank you.