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Food/Workout Journal

Hi, friends. I've been a long time follower of Fitness Blender but am new to the whole community aspect.

I've been looking for a decent food/workout journal but am having a hard time finding something that has a good format and allows me to record what I want in a way that makes sense. I bought one from Amazon to see what it was like and am not super pleased with it. I'm usually one for using my phone and computer for recording things, but for some reason I really like writing down my tracking. To be more specific, I'm looking for a journal that has space to write down everything I eat during the day, my workout(s), how much I drink, and a lot of space for reflections and recording how what I'm doing is working or not working, as well as weekly measurement and weight check-ins. I would think most journals would come with something like this, but I'm having a really hard time finding a decent journal with all of these things. If you found a journal you really like, do you have a link to it to share?