Daily Check-in: Sunday June 17th, Happy Father's Day


Hello Blenders,

I'm sorry to put a damper on everything today; but I'm really really not doing good. I put down my little buddy of the past 14 years yesterday. He was my everything; my shadow; my fuzzy little man. I got him as a baby puppy when I was still a teenager, and he has been there all through my adult life so far. Even before I met my husband. We moved 2000 miles across the country together. We went everywhere, and did everything, together. He was always with me. Always checking on me. It's so hard to imagine life now without him in it. He was more than a pet to me; he was my rock. I feel like I lost a part of me.

I'm really sorry to dump all of this on you guys. I know this is supposed to be a place about exercise, health, and fitness. But today, all I can manage to think about is how empty the house suddenly feels. Even though my girls and my husband are here, it still feels incomplete.

So, I'm sorry I don't have much for encouraging words or fitness related things to discuss today.

But I really hope you guys will continue on with your workouts, and supporting and motivating each other today.

I would also like to continue these daily check-ins, if you guys don't mind. I promise they won't be this discouraging every day.

So, I better quit rambling for now.

I really hope you guys will still check in, and support each other today. Enjoy getting your workout completes or taking a rest day.

Thanks guys for everything. Hope you have a great day, and thanks for checking in. And Happy Father's Day to all the Blender Dads out there!