calories vs macro

I just starting learning more about macronutrients, how do you guys manage your diet? Do you count macronutrients or count calories? if not what do you all do?

I have been wondering because lately, I feel that I am not making any progress, I also somehow feel that my progress is regressing even though I'm more than halfway through FB30. I just feel that I'm becoming fatter instead of losing fat. So I was thinking maybe I'm not working out hard enough (since I don't feel that exhausted after the workouts even though I always sweat a ton after the workouts) or maybe my diet is the problem (tho I'm eating pretty cleanly except recently I had some cheat meals on some days within the last week and this week.

I'm sorry that whoever is reading this have to read such a long paragraph as I'm new to working out regularly and maintaining and clean healthy diet since I properly started on this journey around April.