Weekly check-in



I think I'm going to try hard to pretend this week never happened. I had everything nice and planned and then learned in Tuesday that I couldn't short properly until Friday ... Because I was being tested for allergies. That test came back negative for all substances, so in a way it's good - no allergies - but it's also difficult to determine what causes the skin condition I have to flare up once in a while (and yes, I'm keeping an eye on what I eat/possible triggers).

On Wednesday my colleague who also is one of my best friends told me he was changing jobs and leaving town. Good for him. I'm devastated though. I'm going to miss him so much and I cannot imagine work out even life without him. There is so much to think and decide now it has my head spinning.

I'm very upset and my energy is extremely low. I didn't work out yesterday, not even after my doctor's appointment. I did today though and I'm going to try and limit my crying so my sinuses don't make my thinking even harder. I have had cotton wool inside my head for the past couple of days.