PFT Results: FB Sweat

I am so excited to share my results from FB Sweat. Previously I have heavily focused on strength training, FB Flex & FB Mass, so I wanted to tackle Sweat and work on increasing my cardio endurance. I will be the first to admit that Sweat was not easy for me... I consider myself pretty fit, but I found some days too difficult to complete the extra credit. Looking back at the four weeks, the challenge made this program fun and I learned a lot about how/when to push myself and when to allow myself an extra break. It was a great challenge - but I am happy it's over :)

Here are my PFT results; I was astonished yesterday completing the test. My husband timed my mile run (which I thought I had done horribly) but this is the fastest I've ever ran! My flexibility has also increased significantly. Next time I do this test I will up the weights during squats, but I wanted to compare my before/after results apples to apples, so stuck with the 20lbs.

Thanks for reading! We should celebrate even these small victories!

PFT Results (Before/After):

Mile Run: 9:50/8:45

Push Ups: 4 full & 16 half/5 full & 19 half

Squats (with 20lbs): 61/75

Plank: 1:40:49/1:49:79

Reach: 8 3/4" / 10 1/4"