Non-scale related progress moment to share :)


So this isn’t anything about body shape or whatnot, but I really had an awakening of how much more fit I am becoming from adhering to my FB workouts, and it felt pretty good.

The other day I had the day off work so I opted to do a hike instead of my scheduled workout. It was a brutal one- not super-long at 7 miles, but the elevation gain was 2000 ft. all in the first half. I was prepared to have my butt kicked since I’m just getting back into higher-elevation hikes for the year, but I felt SO MUCH less exhausted the whole way up. It was still difficult and I was out of breath at times, but I was able to just stop for a minute or two and then continue up the trail. My recovery period was so much faster, and I was able to enjoy the scenery much more going up than usual. I passed several people that seemed pretty surprised by my stamina, and as one friendly guy was coming back down the trail he said, “Now that is what I like to see; smiling and enjoying the day on the way up the trail!” It just felt really cool to realize that I’m definitely able to enjoy my time in nature infinitely more now that I’ve built up more strength and endurance. This is what it’s all about for me; this is exactly why I started with Fitness Blender. Just feeling grateful and wanted to share :) This fitness stuff isn’t easy, but it is so worth it.