Funny Miscalculations.


So after tracking calories for a month i was pissed that i tried so hard and didn't lose weight.

3 times a week i eat food made from my mom (lentils,beans,chickpeas) that i really don't bother to cook since i never liked them much. In this plan of eating healthier i embraced them and now i also like them. So since i wasn't really there when i was eating that i was using generic calories for those foods from MyFitnessPal and added some more cause my mother loves olive oil. Today i went for a walk to her place and decided to watch her cooking chickpeas and calculate the calories. Long story short when i thought i was eating around 600 cal while overestimating (or so i thought), i was eating around 1200 cal. She uses like 4 times the amount of oil recommended in each food. lol.

I was so frustrated for not losing. At least now i'm kinda happy that even though i was eating much more than i thought i didn't gain weight. Which means that from now on i will be watching her strictly(lol) and with proper calculations i will finally see some results.

Cheers all, just wanted to share!