Daily check ins - June 3 Sunday


Just after my 1st week of the Body weight program, I had Dysmenorrhea. I missed 2 days of my 2nd week. Just got back yesterday and boy, why does it feel like this week will have many HIIT?

I tried my best to keep up but it felt like it was a little too much for me. I am as close as to puking. I tried to do variations along with those routines I can't keep up. If I really cannot do it, I just do boxer shuffles.

Maybe, I do not have that much energy to keep up because of my period. And I know that when times like this occur, women should do yoga or low impact instead of HIIT.

Anyways... I missed posting my check ins and reading topics here.

Do not forget to earn your #workoutcomplete if you have today. For those who are resting, you did a great job this week! Perhaps a little wine won't hurt? :D *wink*

Have a blessed Sunday lovelies!