A food-related victory


Hello everyone!

Today was the first day in months that I haven't fully counted my calories. I've been really struggling to break this habit of mine for fear of gaining weight after reaching my goal, but I've been slowly adding calories back into my diet that I had cut out before, and now I'm essentially at maintenance. I think that's a pretty big step in itself, but today I went even further--I went out to eat! I ordered a vegan burger with fries and I enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. I wasn't all that full after, so when I got home I also enjoyed some veggies and hummus and I even treated myself to a small piece of chocolate! A month or two ago (before I found this wonderful website and group of people) I would've never done what I did today. I know for a fact that I must've gone over my calorie limit, but you know what? That's perfectly okay. Today I enjoyed some delicious food with the people I love and didn't feel one bit bad about it; tomorrow I'm going to start off the morning with a great workout and then get right back into my usual healthy way of eating--and I know I will, because I enjoy it!

Thank you guys--and Kelli and Daniel--for helping me get to a place where I have begun to feel at peace with food, where I can enjoy both eating out and cooking clean meals at home. This community is such an amazing place and I truly hope that everyone here knows and embraces the fact that eating out and enjoying "bad" food (no food--in my opinion--is really "bad") once and a while is nothing that should make you feel guilty. Fitness and healthy eating should be sustainable, and sometimes that just means giving yourself an extra rest day or treating yourself to a nice meal out.

Hope you all had a great Friday!