Staying on track during abroad experience

So, exciting news! I have been accepted to study abroad for 10 weeks in Costa Rica! (Anybody know any good places to visit?)

I will be staying with a local family and from what I have been told, I will have access to a gym (hopefully cheap!). I want to stay on track with FB, so I am planning on using the gym (although I don't like gyms). I especially hate doing cardio/HIIT exercises in gyms because I feel like I take up too much room especially since I don't use their treadmills, elipticals, etc. How do you guys deal with it? Or do you stick with strength training in gyms?

I am thinking I might do more cardio at home if the family permits. And I might cut down workouts to 3-4 days/week instead 6/7 as I plan to explore the cities.

Nevertheless, I will NOT ignore my fitness-10 weeks is a long time after all. Any tips? And is anyone else preparing for a long session away from home? (I am not too worried about food, especially since rice and beans seems to predominate there, hehe!)