Help with skinnyfat and negativity



I usually lurk on the community boards but thought it was about time that I come out of my cave and ask for assistance! Prepare for a text wall!

I'm 5'9", 153lbs, try to eat 1500 calories a day, and skinnyfat. According to bmi charts I'm in the normal range(22.6). That's great, right? Not really, in my case that is. While my upper body, arms and lower legs are thin, I carry a lot of weight in my hips, thighs and belly. Especially my belly. I could go from looking like I have a small belly to six months pregnant real quick. I'm pretty sure some of it is bloat but it still bothers me a lot. I know that you can't spot reduce so I usually try and stick to full body workouts.

Unfortunately therein lies my problem. rom all of my research on skinnyfat, it says that resistance training is the best way to go about losing that fat. Steady cardio is bad for it because you lose muscle while you lose weight. With skinnyfat your fat is very stubborn and doesn't want to pay rent or move out. I actually really love strength training so that's not a problem for me. I do want to improve my cardio, though. I can't even get through a 20-30 minute workout without being out of breath and needing several breaks. I also have major depressive disorder and those negative thoughts creep right in and beat me down when I need to take a break. I also have to talk myself into working out which is a lot harder than I first thought. My ankles are fairly weak and jumping around makes them feel sprained in no time. I'm working on trying to fix that though. Most of my meals are also cooked at home and I try to lean towards healthy-ish options without going over 1500.

I want to be strong, healthy and not look at myself in disgust. I guess what I'm asking is more than one question. What kind of workouts should I be doing? Where do I start with cardio? What do you do when your mind is trying to tear you down? Should I be eating more or less calories? Any advice suggestions you can give would be great.