REAL Results on the Inside!

Hi everyone!

My husband and I have been using FB for about 2 years now. We bought the omnivore meal plan and the Fitness Blender 8 Week Fat Loss Program to Lose Weight and Tone Up Fast- Round 5 in January 2016. We started by using both together for about 6 months straight. It was AMAZING the differences that we felt regarding energy, sleep quality, and mindset.

We both take biometric screenings for our employers insurance plan and the results blew us and our doctors away. My husband has worked there longer and had previous results to compare to the newest one since using FB. His HDL went up, LDL went down, Triglycerides plummeted, and so did blood glucose. He has always been healthy, but the change in his results shocked his doctor. His advice: What every you are doing, KEEP doing it. It was amazing to see the science of Fitness Blender work! It made us feel proud that we were making good decisions for our present and future health. Since the last screening we still use the lessons we learned from the meal plan (LOVE the vegetarian stuffed pepper meal!!) and we have been doing the work out plan consistently for 6.5 months (took a break after the first 6 month stint to train marathon train). We've never felt better. All of our experiences with FB have reinforced everything K&D say about the results that really matter, what your body can DO and how you FEEL. Just wanted to share the real results that we saw with FB, and wondering if anyone else has gotten to see scientific results of using FB? Science + FB is so cool!