Sugar and Fatigue

I've been off of added sugars for the last few weeks and the crazy crippling fatigue I had for years has FINALLY gone away.

I saw a nutritionist about the fatigue issue.

Even though I eat mostly all whole foods she had me get off added sugars, including honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, cane sugar etc.

So sugar in fresh fruit and veggies is fine just no juice (which is just concentrated sugar).

And she had me get off of all fake sugars including stevia.

She told me fake sugars raise insulin as much as real sugar so I’m just giving myself sugar cravings with them.

And added sugar and fake sugar make it so I can’t taste sugar and other flavors in fruits and veggies.

And of course all types of added sugar discourage fat loss. Bleh. -__-

She had me track and stick to 20 to 30 g of ADDED sugar or less. That is basically as low as I can go without being a food monk considering there is trace amounts of added sugar in so many things.

I really resisted at first because I eat so healthy already but I was so sick of the fatigue so I figured why not I’ll try getting off of sugar.


O M Goodness.

3 Weeks and the fatigue is all gone. I have balanced energy and though it took me a week of mad cravings to get off of it I don’t miss sugar at all.

Like food tastes so good now. Veggies taste sweet and fruit tastes like candy. I tried some added sugar and it tasted gross. I would have to require a taste for it. -_-

I’ll probably still have my occasional special occasion sweet treats but with raw fruit I don’t miss added sugar at all. =D