Best protein brands - what would you recommend?

Hi, all! :D

I am looking for good tasty protein powder as I would like to add it to my daily breakfasts and dinners for extra calories. I am interested in tasty options to satisfy my sweet tooth :D (smth like chocolate or berry-flavured protein powder to add to yogurts or cottage cheese).

What brands would you recommend? I am looking for relatively clean options, just protein, nothing else.

P.S. Please no judgement, I know many of you will start "Why would you need it? Eat clean real food! No extra sources of protein needed... and so on". My dear friends, I am still following a relatively healthy lifestyle, but I want to try new things, and this is one of them. I am not really hung up on just eating non-processed food, life has been hectic recently, so I just eat to feel good, even if it involves eating cakes and fast food every now and then. :)

Hope you understand!