Salad lunch today

Pictured is what I had for lunch today. It's spinach, cucumber and tomato dressed with a drizzle of balsamic glaze (LOVE that stuff!), a boiled egg, piece of sourdough bread with dairy free spread (I'm not vegan or even vegetarian, I just avoid dairy because my stomach doesn't like it) and a peach as well because they're delicious right now.

I'm not someone who exactly enjoys their greens. I don't love the flavour of any vegetables. I eat them but I wouldn't choose any for pleasure. So I "hide" them. I hide them under stuff that I do enjoy eating and they kinda just disappear with the rest. :D Just gotta make it work, I suppose.

It's a day off from work for me, but not from working out! I did a HIIT and upper body workout with Daniel earlier. It was very sweaty as it's quite hot here in southern Scotland! Hope you're all having a nice day, and if you aren't, then I hope everything gets better with time. Stay strong everyone :)